ID Cards & Badges

ID Cards make identity verification, access control to student activities, library and cafeteria programs a breeze. Badges available with pocket clip or special safety break-away neck lanyard.


  • Student Name
  • Grade or Graduation Year
  • School Name
  • School Mascot or Crest
  • Heavy Duty Durable PVC stock or Identithin waterproof, tear-resistant paper stock
  • First or last name in enlarged type increases visibility when used on badges


 Available Styles

Staff_Banner Sample

Staff Banner
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Staff_Velvet Sample

Staff Velvet
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Staff_Wave Sample

Staff Wave
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Staff_TieDye Sample

Staff Tie Dye
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Staff_Sandstone Sample

Staff Sandstone
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Staff_Star Sample

Staff Stars
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Airbrush – View Colors


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Simple – View Colors


Notebook – View Colors

H_Banner Sample

Banner – View Colors

H_Sandstone Sample

Sandstone – View Colors

H_Star Sample

Star – View Colors

H_TieDye Sample

Tie Dye – View Colors

H_Velvet Sample

Velvet – View Colors

H_Wave Sample

Wave – View Colors