Just One Last Family Vacation

August 3rd, 2016

A family vacation may be just the thing you’re needing as a new school year draws ever closer. There are plenty of options that don’t include an hours-long car ride or getting on an airplane. All you need is a little creativity and a sense of adventure. family vacation

  1. Take A Float Trip – A lazy Saturday spent on the river is a great way to get your family together, off your phones, and enjoying the great outdoors. Random stops on the sand bars or a great fishing spot will help everyone relax and enjoy the warm days of August.
  2. Tour The State Fair – Here in Missouri, the state fair starts soon. Wandering around and seeing exhibits from all over the state, munching on funnel cakes and corn dogs, taking your best shot on the Midway…it’s all a great American getaway that you could spend entire days exploring.
  3. Spend A Day At The Zoo – Let’s be honest. Every parent says they’re going to the zoo for the sake of their kids, but often mom and dad are leading the charge to get to the penguin exhibit in time for the 2:30 feeding. The zoo brings out something in all of us. The chance to see animals so exotic you’d have to travel half a world away to see them in the wild is something to take advantage of. That said, if you have that kind of trip in mind, here’s something neat we stumbled across.
  4. Explore Your Own City – Your town, no matter how small, is full of history and interesting things to see and do if you plan accordingly. Lunch at the place you always swear you’ll eat at some day, dinner made entirely from things at the local farmer’s market, a tour of historical markers in your area. The world around is just begging to be discovered. Take a day and make it happen.

Just because school is almost here doesn’t mean you can’t still squeeze some fun out of summer with your family vacation. The bottom line is to find something your family enjoys doing together and scheduling the time to do it.