5 Things You May Not Know About Kid’s Cartoons

June 7th, 2016

With summer’s arrival, it’s likely that the time spent watching cartoons in your home has increased. There’s no reason to feel guilty about that, by the way. Sometimes 24 minutes of uninterrupted “adult time” is needed and there’s only so many games of hide-and-seek you can play in the backyard. If you’re anything like us, your mind does begin to wander and with the Google app on your phone you can learn all sorts of interesting tidbits. These are our 5 favorite facts we’ve learned about the various shows our kids watch.

    1. The main theme and “Hot Dog Dance” song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are by They Might Be Giants – You may be thinking you’ve never heard of that band before. If you grew up in the 90’s, we assure you that you have.

  1. Jim Cummings voices everyone – Seriously. This guy voices Pete on Micky Mouse Clubhouse, has roles on Sofia the First, voiced Darkwing Duck, and has been in a ton of Disney films. He’s the Kevin Bacon of animated movies and shows. Check out his IMDb credits.
  2. DiscordThe voice of Discord has been spreading chaos for years – Discord is a character on My Little Pony who exists to disrupt the lives of our equine heroines. He is voiced by John de Lancie, who many not ring many bells. The name may not be familiar, but if you ever watched “Star Trek: The Next Generation” you’ll remember the character Q who played devil’s advocate to Captain Picard on a semi-regular basis. de Lancie was the perfect choice to voice a character whose true motivations are always in doubt.
  3. Princess Sofia has a second job – Maybe it was the haze of being woken up before 6 a.m. one Saturday while watching Sofia the First, but it clicked. I’d heard that voice somewhere before. Sure enough, the familiar voice is that of Ariel Winter who plays the middle child on “Modern Family”. Bonus fact: Sofia’s family is the first blended family in Disney’s history.
  4. Bubble Guppies pulls some big name guest stars – Every so often, you’ll hear some very familiar sid fishyvoices come across this show. Kristen Bell, George Takei, and Wanda Sykes have all lent their voices. None of those names really seems out of place, though. However, Sid Fishy was introduced last year as a villain intent on polluting the entire city. Sid was voiced by none other than the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne.

What fun facts have you noticed about the cartoons your kids watch?