5 Reasons You Need A Picture Day Reminder

August 10th, 2016

2016-08-10The end of summer brings an endless list of things to remember. School supplies. Sports practice. Band practice. Lunch prep. This entire article could be about what you have to remember to remember. Inter-State Studio wants to take at least one thing off your remember to remember list: Picture Day. There is no worse feeling than the kids coming home from school talking about their picture being taken when you let them go to school in their favorite hoodie that has seen better days. That’s why we created the Treehouse Program to notify busy parents of picture day. Need more reasons?

  1. You Are Busy – Between work, school schedules, and football season you have a full calendar. Something is bound to fall through the cracks. Don’t let it be something as important as preserving memories of your kids.
  2. One Time Events Can Surprise You – Most of us settle into a weekly schedule. Mondays are soccer practice. Wednesdays are laundry and cleaning the house. When something comes up that is outside the realm of our routines it is easy for it to be missed. Our Picture Day Reminder ensure you get picture day on the calendar.
  3. Your Kid Loves Hoodies – A hoodie is the perfect fashion choice for a chilly fall day. Just not on picture day. With a Picture Day Reminder you’ll be secure in the knowledge that Timmy is wearing something respectable and not the hoodie with dad’s favorite team on the front that’s had 10 years of use.
  4. Kids Are Light On The Details – Maybe you’ve noticed, but kids tend to gloss over important details they don’t have a lot of interest in. For example, that math test coming up on Friday. But they could tell you exactly how many Pokemon Jaime caught during lunch. Sign up for a Picture Day Reminder and ensure at least one important detail won’t be missed.
  5. Paper Grows Legs – While we send home reminders of picture day with your child, it’s never a guarantee it’ll make it to your hands. And if it does, there’s no guarantee it won’t disappear from your desk or wherever you keep those types of things. With a Picture Day Reminder you’ll get notifications in your email in a timely fashion so it’s at the top of your mind at the most critical moment.

When you sign up for a Picture Day Reminder, you’re not signing up for marketing emails. We will notifiy you of when picture day for your child’s school is happening and when you can purchase. That’s it. No spam or emails about something you don’t care about. Sign up today and take something off your to-do list.